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"...Everything I do, I do it for you..."

Wed Development

Also known as Web Design, Front-End Development, Client-Side Development or the work involved in developing a website for the Internet.

Content Management System

CMS for short. I primarily design with Drupal and WordPress, but will soon be looking to add Joomla also.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is the use of video footage or annimation to create the illustion of motion or rotation. It is usually combined with audio.

Social Media Management

Also known as Social Networking Management or the management of social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blog posts and more.

Audio Engineer

Also known as Recording Engineer or Sound Engineer and includes live or studio multi-track recording for bands, musicians or professional newsreels.

"...our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today... - Stewart B. Johnson"

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A mix of freelance & student work (for now).


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"...the man behind the curtain..."

About Me

FAAR9 Multimedia was established in 2008, by Frank Ramirez, a multifaceted individual with many interests including: music, movies, travel, computers, social media, electronics, eating out, mountain biking & beyond.

In addition to his freelance work, Frank is a Web Administrator for TakeCareOfTexas.org, a program of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. After graduating in May 2013 with an Associate Degree in Web & Interactive Design Specialization from Austin Community College, Frank puts his knowledge of web, interactive, social media, music & computers to good use by working full-time, continuing his freelance work & maybe even furthering his education in the future.

He also performs and/or records regularly with the Selena tribute band Bidi Bidi Banda & the Texas blues group The Boho Groove, as well as various other musical projects.


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality


Web Administrator

Manage a Drupal 8 website & coordinate blog, Facebook, Twitter posts for the Take Care of Texas program.



Web & Social Media Design | Social Media Management

Design, upkeep of several local band and business websites, blogs, social media pages (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc).


Austin Community College


Web & Interactive Design Specialization

Completed classes in Web Design, Interface Design, User Experience Design, Design Concepts, Project Analysis & Design, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Basic Graphic Design, etc.

Austin Community College


Commercial Music Management

Completed classes in Audio Engineering, Accounting, Marketing, Small Business Management, Technical Writing, Speech, etc.


How to get a hold of me.



+512 436 3227 (call or text)

Austin, TX